Surveyors & Contractors

Stay ahead of competition by delivering accurate visual data at a fraction of the cost.

Incorporate drones into routine and daily operations.

Land surveyors are increasingly turning to drones to acquire highly accurate digital survey data from the air in a fraction of the time (and expense) required by survey teams on the ground.  Using base station reference data and GPS, and our specially equipped drones can gather three-dimensional cartographic information with an accuracy of within one or two centimeters after processing. 


Coyle Drone Services provides drone data with survey-grade accuracy and processes source images into highly accurate 2D and 3D visualizations including Digital Elevation Models, Orthophotos and 3D Point Clouds.  Key benefits for Surveyors and Contractors include:


Simple and reliable data.  We take the hard work out of obtaining quality data and most surveys can be completed within a couple of hours.

Reduced cost and risk in the field. Reduce the risk of placing staff in potentially dangerous locations and eliminate the need for expensive aerial surveys.

Getting Started


Coyle Drone Services can help you create and manage an effective and safe drone program for your organization.

If you’re not quite ready for a full-scale deployment, we can provide a Proof-of-Concept where you can contract our services to provide a fly over of your site and generate maps and models.  This will help you see clear, tangible opportunities for cost savings, improved efficiencies and safety – more quickly than and accurately than ever before.

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