Aggregates & Mining

Improve efficiency and make more informed decisions faster and safer.

Incorporate drones into routine and daily operations.

Aggregates and Mining companies get the most from drones by incorporating them into routine, daily operations.   Coyle Drone Services can help quarry and mining staff improve a wide range of operations, from inventory management to blasting and extraction planning.


Measure stockpile, pit and blast volumes in minutes. Track your material production without needing to pause operations. We provide tools for accurate stockpile volumetric measurements including comparisons with volume data from earlier surveys.  Most quarries and mines can be accurately surveyed using drones in less than an hour, and ready to measure and create reports within a day.


Ensure haul roads are safe. We can quickly measure road grades and windrow heights to ensure they conform to design and safety requirements.


Equipment inspection. Easily perform equipment inspections or closely monitor plant upgrades and contractor payment work.


Reduce risks with remote surveying. Identify break-lines and fissures, monitor extractions, and improve blast planning and extracting activities, safely and remotely.

Getting Started


Coyle Drone Services can help you create and manage an effective and safe drone program for your organization.

If you’re not quite ready for a full-scale deployment, we can provide a Proof-of-Concept where you can contract our services to provide a fly over of your site and generate maps and models.  This will help you see clear, tangible opportunities for cost savings, improved efficiencies and safety – more quickly than and accurately than ever before.

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